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Looks very good indeed, great work! :thumbsup:
Modeling Blogs / Re: Moments of Zen
« Last post by DogfighterZen on Today at 06:03:39 pm »
Funny y'all mention purple. I've been thinking on and off recently how to use it in a paint scheme some how and not have it look like utter garbage. Easier perhaps on the civil side, but militarily speaking purple could be even less used than pink! I can picture it on WWI stuff easily but anything past that draws somewhat of a blank.

Just look at WWI German lozenge schemes and then use that on a modern aircraft or build an Imperial Roman "Air Force One"  ;D

Exactly what i was thinking of when thinking of commemorative schemes on modern jets, imagine one of those WWI schemes on a Phantom or a Tornado... or even on the F-16... :thumbsup:

Well, managed to get some work done, glued on a few more bits and it now looks like a Phantom...

Will try to get it ready for paint before Xmas... :rolleyes:

Aircraft / Re: Eduard/Hasegawa 1/48 F-8E Crusader RAN VF-805 COMPLETED
« Last post by FAR148 on Today at 05:06:50 pm »
Very Cool

Yeah, that makes all the sense. Figures! Next time I'll be sure to check up on this stuff BEFORE I put the transfers on. I could try to fix them but it would be very easy to mess up and I'm not really that bothered by it so I'm just going to keep chugging.  :mellow: :mellow:
The Idea Bank / Re: F-105 in RAF service mid 1960's
« Last post by chrisonord on Today at 03:10:38 pm »
After nearly twelve months doing nothing, both this and my mark two Arrow have been dug out and looked at again. Genies and red tops are in primer, and a decision on where to mount the pylons. I am hoping the canopy is going to be ok, so as soon as I get some new cyanoacrylate glue, I will crack on.
Watch this space.....
N4AE makes some sense as the AE fits with 'American Eagle', the sub-line that flew the ATRs.

I've seen similar screw ups on decals before, sometimes where the port lettering is different to the starboard and the decal maker has assumed it's the same.
General Modeling topics / Re: "Holy Grail" model kits
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 01:14:51 pm »
Right on! Bonne chance. It would be nice if there was "or best offer" on it because this time of year people are hard up for cash.  :wacko:
Thanks!! This lil thing is neato.  I've slapped some more decals on it so I'm nearly done. I have some more to go on the under side and some that may or may not go on there (because reference photos don't have them).

Speaking of... I finally found MY airplane.... .      turns out the last two letters of the reg are reversed on the decal sheet!!!!!!

Know what that means, right?!!? This thing is now officially a very subtle whif!!!!!  :wacko: :angel: ;D ;D ;D

EDIT: I've found a few other mistakes on the decal sheet as well, but, I still love 'em. The stuff as a whole looks fabulous!
Very nice work on those decals, Brad! She's looking very good indeed! :thumbsup:
The Idea Bank / The Stratton
« Last post by McColm on Today at 12:25:42 pm »
This whiff is based on the artwork from the book Thomas H.Block 'Mayday'.
This is my interpretation, as agreed the basic shape looks like a Boeing 747 with and this is my own thought the wings & engines from the B-58 Hustler. The tail looks to me as if could have come from a B-1B.
 I do have a Revell 1/144 Boeing 747 and the Airfix BAC Concorde in 1/72 but the two don't fit. Which is why I have added the wings from a 1/96 Valiant to the Boeing 747.
The Concorde kit was intended as a kitbash with the Monogram B-1B but I decided against this.
This is now the basis for a swing-wing flying boat with the Victor K2
T-tail and the engines are above the wing section junction box.
 Getting back to the Stratton, a smaller scaled Boeing 747 could be grafted to the 1/72 Airfix Avro Vulcan, as most of the Vulcan will be used. The same can be said of the B-58.
As for the Boeing SST , maybe a snap-fit Boeing 747 might be a better option.
 Something completely different but looking at this with a bit of a gamble the Boeing 747 grafted on to the upper fuselage of the Northrop flying wing.
Well that's my new years resolution blown away :banghead:
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