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The F.16 is superb  :bow:
Modeling Blogs / Re: The Rat's Nest
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 03:16:04 am »

Yep, she's go her faults, but if you wanted to give a kid a kit to get them into modeling, you could do a lot worse than handing them this one. As a Spitfire it ain't much, as a model it's great.

Plus it's a lovely looker  :thumbsup:
I'm tempted to dig the Attacker out.  I could do with a decent one in the line up.

It's a little bit of work Lee and the wing/fuselage joint isn't that strong (guess how I found out....twice  :mellow:), but overall I've enjoyed it.

Meanwhile undersides on all have had two coats, probably need a third very thin one (greenstuff putty  :rolleyes:) but doubt if will be today as it's rather parky in the model room.
General Modeling topics / Re: Moderator needed
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 03:10:13 am »
As its a Cold War GB I trust we will be using a Politbureau style poll?
One man, one vote - and as Head Moderator, I am that man...  :mellow:

See your P.M.'s and check your lunch, route to work  :angel:
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 03:08:26 am »
Latest in the jetliners club:

Going by the builds in the magazines Zvezda are getting a very good reputation as far as airliner kits go.

Not kits, but two sets of CMK CFT's for F-16's. I have just put a pair on my XL, and even with heating them up with boiling water they were a nightmare to get to fit on the fuselage and stay put. And on't I know it as one of them has moved at one end and sticks out like a dogs d***. so that's my F-16 XL ruined. Project FUBAR will be the heading when I finish and post this build  :banghead: :banghead:

I feel for you mate. Had many a problem with resin cockpit inserts in the past  :banghead:
The Flying Boat, Seaplane and Amphibian G.B. / Re: Northrop N3
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 02:53:53 am »
Ahhh! Right! I'd forgotten about that! Pic's soon, I hope? ;)
Modeling Blogs / Re: Zenrat's Flying Circus
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 02:42:02 am »
on top of everything for the Amphib etc GB I have started an ACE Su-25 Grach and am finishing off a Hasegawa FW 190 Dora I started a while back and then put aside.

The scheme for the Su 25 is yet to be determined but the Dora will be in zenrat industries colours (as I haven't done one for a while.

Modeling Blogs / Re: Thorvics'Blog
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 02:37:48 am »
It should be noted that photos of 'in-service' F-35's don't show any of those squiggly panel tape lines
The Idea Bank / Re: Redesign Star Wars
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 02:17:33 am »
Interiors and exteriors rarely align, one of the best examples being the APC from Aliens, it's
almost a freakin' TARDIS.


Also railway carriages and airliners in movies and on TV.  They get to be very wide.

The Flying Boat, Seaplane and Amphibian G.B. / Re: Northrop N3
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 02:12:47 am »
They are the wheels from the (1/25) Apocalypse Post van.
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