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Got any good Links put them here / Re: B-17 Loon Launcher
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 04:34:31 am »
Cool.  I have an urge to build something similar.
Model Kit News / Re: Revell (Revell of Germany and Monogram)
« Last post by Dizzyfugu on Today at 04:32:20 am »
Well, the kit only comes with Luftwaffe markings, no swastika. But some official dude felt that the kit as such would fuel nazi mysticism and fake news surrounding bases in Antarctica or on the moon. I wonder what had happened if it had been marketed as merchandise for "Iron Sky"? after all, the kit itself is not more whiffy than many other Luft '46 design kits - but Revell is probably too large to keep running under the morale radar. And when German clerks smell blood, they have to prove themselves... And since Revell fears the PR effects (after all, the thing went through prime time TV news!), the quickly withdrew the kit.

Smartest thing would IMHO be a "real UFO" color variant (Area 51 style, esp. for the box artwork!), but still include German markings as an option...  :rolleyes: Nobody would have recognized this. Poor marketing by Revell, though, they could have known better for their home market.
I like the look of the Yak.
Definitely appears to be one of A Model's better kits.

Glad your back is feeling better.  Mines decided to come out in sympathy and has been giving me gyp all day.  I think it's due to twisting and lunging across the counter at work to read the post code on a customers parcel.  I'm carefull when I lift and bend but can catch myself out with things like this.  It's not bad enough to lay me up but is annoying and I am applying heat packs and looking forward to bedtime.

Funny how it works, right? You'd think something like picking up a big bag of dog food or carrying bricks around would be the source of such a thing when asking someone how they threw their back out and how they got so crippled up for 3 days. "Man you must have been lifting some big heavy stuff."  But no... it can be something like leaning over or stepping wrong. It's the sudden shift.... or whatever. I can lift a bag of grass and toss it in the dumpster if I'm careful about it... but if I brush up against a cobweb it's game over.  ;D

Rest up!! I always recommend it. It's always a great excuse to goof off, too. "Was going to clean the such and such but I'll just work on me builds instead. "  :wacko: :wacko:

First time I put it out badly was through sneezing.

If you know a kit has a bad rep then you go into it with your eyes open expecting to put in some effort.  Trouble is when you get excited by the box art (and A Model do some great box art) and don't know it's rep and expect it to be easy.
The topic doesn't ring many bells here (I could re-submit the Sea Hawk trainer, perhaps...?), but have one or two ideas for entries. One will probably be a late WWI biplane, and I consider a (he he) Spitfire with a radial engine.
Unfortunately, interesting as it looks I won't be reading that as they want me to disable my adblocker.
Well done England.  It seems we can't score without cheating.
I adjusted the turret to match the size of the ring on the BA-3.
Turkey had BA-6s and possibly BA-3s so I figure it was acquired by RAF forces in the general Palestine/Syria region and then had the turret replaced.  I will come up with a vaguely plausible story.
I will be scratchbuilding the turret to fit the body.
Eventually I will also build my Roden Royce armoured car and knock up a small diorama.
Thanks for including rule #3. I have some ideas in which the RCAF had a larger presence of A/C from UK manufacturers.

RCAF EE Lightning and maybe others subject to the effects of increasing the dosage of my anti-procrastinating drugs.
General Modeling topics / Re: Revell has withdrawn their Haunebu kit
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 03:54:27 am »
I fed the report into Google Translate.

This is what the box looks like with Revell's model kit - for a "flying saucer" from the "Third Reich" that never existed.
The company Revell from North Rhine-Westphalia is in Germany one of the major manufacturers of plastic model kits: cars, battleships, aircraft: "Whether children or adults, here everyone can pursue his passion and dreams come true," it says in the self-presentation ,

But one of these offers from Revell has now triggered massive criticism. Military historians, political scientists and last but not least the German child protection federation went in the discussion with NDR info with the company from the North Rhine-Westphalian Bünde sharply into the court. The company spreads falsehoods about the Nazi past and feeds right-wing extremist and esoteric conspiracy theories in the nursery.

Meanwhile, the model making company has responded to the criticism: A kit that resembles a UFO, will no longer be delivered, said a spokeswoman for the company from frets in East Westphalia on Monday.

"Flying saucer" for 49.99 euros
The stumbling block is a kind of "flying saucer", which is available in the toy trade under the name "Flying Saucer Haunebu II" for € 49.99: a weapon-like round body, marked with the bar cross of the Luftwaffe of the "Third Reich", made of twin guns fires on fantasy planes. According to cardboard imprint recommended for children over twelve years.

The text gives the impression that it is genuine Nazi war equipment with supernatural abilities: "Work began on the rotary airplanes in 1934. Their propulsion and the neutralization of centrifugal forces in the interior were carried out via Vril energy fields - airworthy specimens of up to 6,000 km / h fast Haunebu II started in the middle of 1943, but due to the war did not go beyond the test phase. " It is the "world's first space object". According to the packaging, the content also includes a "decal for true-to-life decorations".

Historian: This "wonder weapon" never existed
But this alleged miracle weapon of the Nazis has never existed, as the historian Jens Wehner of the Military History Museum in Dresden NDR Info confirmed on demand: "This is objectively wrong, as far as is known in science, was never worked on this object." His criticism: The presentation on the Revell cardboard write to the National Socialism a superior technology that can not be confirmed by established science. This could sow doubts in the sense of Nazi ideology in the accepted historiography.

Revell wants to change the packaging text
Confronted with this criticism by NDR Info, the Revell company admits mistakes: "We basically agree with the Military History Museum: in fact, it is a legendary, extraordinary aircraft whose existence and feasibility are not proven, but unfortunately the packaging does not do that We apologize for that. "

One will correct the text as much as possible. At the same time, the company dissociates itself from any kind of glorification of wars and National Socialism and rejects any promotion of right-wing extremist legends or conspiracy theories.

Abstruse conspiracy theories in the net
But that's not the criticism off the table. After all, if you enter the terms "Haunebu" or "Flugscheibe" into a search engine or the mask of large video portals, it is only a few clicks away from right-wing esoterics or conspiracy theories. According to the Hamburg constitutional protection, right-wing conspiracy theories can also be found in circles of the Reich Citizens, some of whom are right-wing extremists. One of the most abstruse theories is, for example, the assumption that parts of the National Socialist elite would have saved themselves with the help of such "Reichsflugscheiben" before the end of the Second World War. These "Reichsflugscheiben" were developed according to this theory as a "miracle weapon". A "miracle weapon", as it can be seen on the Revell cardboard.

"Revell should delete the model from the product range"
The Dortmund political scientist and right-wing extremism expert Dierk Borstel demands that Revell delete the kit completely from the product range - even after a change on the box. His argument: "Offers that positively rewrite right-wing legends or indirectly to relevant conspiracy theories should certainly not be found in the assortment." He warns that fantasies about "Reichsflugscheiben" have so far circulated only in small circles of right-wing extremist esotericism. If a reputable company now offers such objects, this speaks in favor of extending these ideas: "This is a matter of concern and a warning sign for our democratic culture," says Borstel.

Criticism also from the Kinderschutzbund
The German Child Protection Association also sticks to its criticism and appeals to the manufacturer's sense of responsibility: "As a child protection organization, we generally reject toys that can lead to ideologization." Politics and ideology have no place in the nursery, "says Federal Managing Director Cordula Lasner-Tietze.

Aircraft / Re: Fairchild Aviation Crimea Curtiss Hawk 75A-11
« Last post by comrade harps on Today at 03:44:21 am »
That's lovely. Such a "simple" scheme, carried off so well  :thumbsup:

Thank you. I do like my curvy shapes.

So do I, but it can get you arrested nowadays  ;)

So good I've nominated it for a Wiffy  :thumbsup:

Ta   :thumbsup:
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