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Here you can see F4U, F2G and my design.

According to wikipedia F2G was only 4 cm longer than F4U :o

Anyway in my definitive version, the plane will be 72 cm longer than standard F4U (measured in the base of propeller), so 1 cm more in my 1/72 model. 8)

I have moved radiator a little forward,

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Churchill upgrade - give him a bigger cigar?
Great job Brad C.

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Aircraft / Re: Super Stretch DC8
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Looks badass!  :mellow: :mellow: :mellow:
That does look pretty darn good, and very Air California too, with that sunburst nose trim.

Love it!  :thumbsup:
Aircraft / Re: Super Stretch DC8
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Tonight's decaling session didn't go so well.  :banghead:

I'd failed to notice that because the script on each side was identical the ends of the stripes needed to slope the opposite way round, and that required some slicing and cutting of the spare stripes to correct them.

Not only that, but the cockpit window decal, which I used from the kit decal sheet, didn't actually fit! I had to cut it in half on the centre line and arrange each side separately.

And to cap it all, the more observant of you will notice the lack of a shamrock on the fin on the starboard side. Even though I printed a spare shamrock neither of them were dense enough, yet they were copied from the port side one. I'll print another couple and see if they work ok.

But progress is being made anyway.

According to Wikipedia F2G is only 4 cm longer than F4U. :o

Itís all in the packaging, the firewall was moved aft in the F2G, compare the location of
the exhausts between the F4U and the F2G.

F4U-1M (Wasp Major testbed) nose to nose with R2800 powered Corsair.

The scrap view of the F4U-1M in the centre of the drawing also shows the
difference when compared to the profiles at the right.
BTW the XF4U-3B was turbosupercharged.

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