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Modeling Blogs / Re: Zenrat's Flying Circus
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:13:00 am »
The warbird brown is almost an exact match for Vallejo Model Air Acrylic Dark Earth.  But i'm still not going to use it like that.

It's not dark earth as I recognise it. Mind you I find a few of their colours odd. Probably the reason I've only got some of their basic colours in my collection plus a couple I used on WWI projects.
I still have a slight problem even with Eduard masks but that's purely down to my current eye problem. It causes me to misalign things slightly, but they are still good.

My preferred method is to use strips of painted masking tape. I have tape down to 0.5mm in width which I paint in the desired colour then measure and place on the canopy as frames. Coat of Klear and it works for me  :thumbsup: The most used widths I find are 0.5mm and 0.75mm.
Modeling Blogs / Re: Gondor's Grumblings
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:02:52 am »
It'll be good to see you again mate.

It's a nice hotel, one of the newer style Premier Inn's  :thumbsup: They were fully booked when I tried, the day after last years show  :o :banghead: I won't go into the "discussion" I had with the PI booking people.
The Idea Bank / Re: alternative tanker air-to-air refueling aircraft
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 01:59:27 am »

Well, Concorde needn't be supersonic whilst refueling, but the dash capability would be nice to have.  I've always thought there were plenty of military applications for Concorde - transport, for instance.  Yes, only 120-odd passengers, but what about using it to deliver, say, a detachment of SAS or Paras in a hurry?  'Cos when you need those blokes, you generally need them yesterday.

I was going to suggest refueling, but McColm beat me to it.  :)  I still think it'd work, though.  Someone mentioned slip-stream causing problems for the drogue- well, Concorde was just about the slipperiest aircraft out there, I think.

If you were shifting fully armed troops then probably 60/80 would be the most she could carry but I see your point  :thumbsup:

I've always thought she should have been kept on either simply as a Royal Flight aircraft, just for the prestige and the glamour ? Also a couple as emergency relief aircraft ? They could get a team of medics out to where needed quickly and the heavy equipment could follow latter ? You always need to get a team on the ground as quickly as possible to sort out what is actually needed. Opportunities missed in my view.
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again (2017)
« Last post by Thorvic on Today at 12:35:27 am »
Wouldn't a Special Hobby P-59 be a better starting point?
Aircraft / Re: ARDU EE/CAC Lightning F Mk. 10 Ressurection
« Last post by Modelling_Mushi on Yesterday at 10:54:59 pm »
Thanks guys!

Looks good!  :)   More pictures, please!  :)

I'll try Scotaidh as I go along, Im notoriously inconsistent with these things. But Im getting more motivated now!

What did you use for the radome? I'm also looking at doing a Lightning without a nose intake, but different wings :)

Charlie, its the nose cone from an Airfix 1/144 Scale Vostok!

Aircraft / Re: The missing part inspired F-15X build!
« Last post by Tophe on Yesterday at 10:49:53 pm »
I don't understand if this is a single model or two (single seater & two seater ?), but this is pleasant, congratulations... :thumbsup:
Modeling Blogs / Re: Moments of Zen
« Last post by ChernayaAkula on Yesterday at 09:59:43 pm »
<...> I just don't think a mere sheet of transfers should cost someone $30, $40, $50, etc.  Sure, new transfers cost money to make but how much does creating a new tool cost? Skipping over that expense counts for something but that "savings" conveniently flies out the window for some reason. <...>

You won't have top pay 50, 40 or even 30 bucks for just a sheet. You also get the base kit. Combine a base kit with an aftermarket decal sheet (assuming there is one!) and you're usually above what Hasegawa charges you. Unless you're robbed by some middleman, that is. :-\
There are no "savings". The tooling costs X, up front, whether you get a single kit out of it or ten thousand. For a 1/72 jet like the Hunter, a Revell rep told us X is about 60k EUR (IIRC). Get 100 kits out of the mould, you're looking at 600 EUR of tooling costs per kit. Get 100k out of it, you're looking at 0.6 EUR a kit. Plastic prices are all but negligible in this case, a couple of cents per kit at most. Hasegawa doesn't run a charity. Additional runs simply mean the cost per item comes down for them. It's the same for any good on the market. You wouldn't go to your car dealer to get a reimbursement because they managed to sell twice as many cars as they thought they would, would you?

So lets have more companies (like AZ) knocking them out with no decals at a cheaper rate.  Perfect for whiffers and those who will always use aftermarket decals for whatever reason.

1. Nobody who has to order a large amount of modelling goods cares for us whiffers. We're a small niche in what's basically a niche market anyway. Xtradecal's What-If TSR.2 sheets don't count. Because... TSR.2. Everybody's crazy for them.  ;D
2. A kit without decals to use aftermarket decals on is only useful if there actually ARE aftermarket decals. For much of what Hasegawa does, there simply AREN'T.
Aftermarket decal companies won't touch these subjects because a) printing decals is expensive and b) the market is decidedly limited. You've got to pay up front for your print run and there's no guarantee you'll see it back quickly, if at all.
AZ Model is not Hasegawa. AZ lives for the niche. Hasegawa is more Airfix in that regard, meaning they sell in their home markets to casual buyers in department stores. Which is also why Hasegawa can run the risk of putting a kit with limited appeal on the market. And if there are aftermarket decals for something Hasegawa also releases, chances are Hasegawa's main clientèle doesn't even know of them. That's also why Revell can get away with dumping a really old Canberra on the German market. :banghead: Most of their customers are casual buyers. They don't know there's a much nicer alternative from Airfix. 
Aircraft / Re: The missing part inspired F-15X build!
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Yesterday at 08:32:10 pm »
Hey that looks really cool!!  Nice work, bud!

Aircraft / The missing part inspired F-15X build!
« Last post by seavixen on Yesterday at 07:45:29 pm »
So, it's been a fair while since I last posted on here. Various health issues etc. Anyways, I've had this F-15 Eagle kit a while now. It was missing the windscreen so I ordered a replacement which seems destined never to reach me!

Bored of waiting and eager to crack on with it I decided to build it as a whif. I used one of the canopies, turned it back to front and built up the fuselage to match it. As you can see, it took a while to get a half decent finish. It's let down by my shaky hands ruining the effort to scribe panel lines.

I can't get photos to show properly so here is the link to my album on Flickr.
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