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Aircraft / Re: Tiger Meet Spitfire
« Last post by dumaniac on Today at 10:53:37 pm »
oooooh - now that is very nice
Armour / Re: Rusted relic from WW2 Russia
« Last post by dumaniac on Today at 10:52:13 pm »
Very nice indeed
Pure luck had the stuff I was cutting up to fill in spaces net some partial US Postal service stuff  ;D:

Those last two pieces of advertising malarkey bring those sections to the proper height to match up with the wings and fuselage.  I also put a couple pieces of sprue in the "holes."  I think I'll try to cut up some more sprue to put some styrene into the remaining empty spaces then I'll take my chances wit' the putty.

Friggin' unbelievable but that last upper layer of "malarkey" is dead level with the rest:

Not to say there isn't a ton of PSR on the way...  :angel:

Thanks!! ... first off...  :lol:  And I'm glad some of my trials have provided a bit of insight. These floats 'n stuff are a bit of challenge at times. Looks simple, but may not be!

Secondly....    yes!  It's hard to peg down but I blame the ADD stuff for some of it.  It's not always the case, though. I wish I could find a happy medium.  You're absolutely right about taking the time to ease up and not rush things. I have a broken mind but when I can maintain focus I can often "do the right thing. " Problem is, a moment of weakness can erase hours of focus.  :-\

If I can just glue this last piece on... and get it to sit right . . . ..             :rolleyes: ;D

Aircraft / Re: Chronic's Completed Builds
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 08:03:08 pm »
Flitzer?!  ;D

Nah, that's Emperor Dracula's personal Vampire in the Transylvanian Imperial Air Corp (I think it was).  ;D

Made it with the excellent new-tool Airfix Vampire T.11. It was meant to be a surprise "Halloween" special but I was late.
That's a really nice result! I don't see much of an issue with the canopy fit either, so bonus points!

I've also experienced a bit of a challenge in fitting the floats to my Macchi M.52r build.  It seems so easy, but getting them to line up and not twist around has been more of a challenge than I though.  I've been back to the drawing board a couple of times already, but your build has given me some ideas to try as well, so thanks!

I also wanted to mention that I sometimes feel an almost kinetic energy from your posts as you get close to the end of a build.  That's a hard spot for me as well... you're so close to being done you can taste it, but rushing the finale leads to mistakes and do-overs.  One of the great things I've learned through modeling is how to be (more) patient.  GB-deadlines aside (and even then... who REALLY cares?) it's sometimes hard to remember that you are the one controlling your own project destiny.  If it doesn't get done today, it'll get done tomorrow - and it's always better for it to get done RIGHT than FAST.... right?

Still... If I can JUST glue this one more thing on before I go to bed...  :banghead:
Model Kit News / Re: Micro-Mir
« Last post by Green Dragon on Today at 08:00:59 pm »
That Kalinin K-12 is an all new tooling, he's planning to do the K-7 too! Also in the CAD stage is a 1/48th Fokker G.1 Reaper and the little 1/72nd Fairey gyrocoptrer thingy is one of Micro Mir's too.

Paul Harrison
Tips, Tools, and Techniques / Re: Help with a Tintin rocket!
« Last post by strobez on Today at 07:50:37 pm »
ok... so I did give the styrofoam idea a try, but I quickly started ending up with a blizzard and a stalk of cauliflower instead... ;)

So instead, I just glued my stacking cups together as accurately as I could and then, once it was all dry, gave it a coating of 2-part epoxy putty.  I tried to off-set the slight ridge of the seam from the cups by padding out the rest of the rocket as evenly as possible to give it a circular shape.

At this point my wife walked by and asked me why I was building a pickle...  :banghead:

Anyway, once the epoxy was good and dry, I took it out on the balcony and gave it a sanding to within a mm or its life...  Which actually, surprisingly, seemed to work the way I hoped it would as I was able to knock back the ridge quite a bit and make the thing pretty close to round in diameter.  Once I was satisfied with the overall shape (and my level of satisfaction increased with every stroke as I got closer and closer to rupturing the thin styrene walls...) I basically dipped it in Tamiya grey putty.  I covered the whole thing, but tried to pay special attention to to various divets and low spots.

Then, once the Grey putty was dry, I gave it a light sanding to try and even out the surface.  It worked pretty well, but as expected, it's going to take more than one round of PSR to get the job done.

 After I was satsified that I'd done what I could, I added yet more putty to the remaining divets and low spots.  My plan is to repeat the cycle until either I give up or my wife stops calling it the rocket pickle... :rolleyes:
Ok.  So it's been a bit of slow going on this one as I've been tied up with a rough patch with some of my other build projects and I didn't want this one to get caught up in the mayhem.  I was also at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed with the painting even though EVERYONE said it was going to be fine...;)

So, instead I just filled in the seams with some putty.

But now it looks like the next step will involved paint of some kind.  So to that end, I decided to try my hand at decanting some Tamiya TS-12 spray (or is that 8? the Italian Red one anyway) into a small Tamiya jar.  The two-part reason for that is a) using a spray can fills me with dread given the scale and precision I'm hoping to achieve.. and b) now that the weather is cold I have no option for spraying off the balcony and I'm worried about fumes/overspray from my tiny little makeshift spraybooth.  I'm still a bit worried about the fumes, but at least with an airbrush I'll have a lot more control over what's about to happen... I hope.

Anyway, after getting freaked out by some of the online tutorials, I just decided to go for it.  I taped over the mouth of the bottle, cut a little hole for the straw, attached it to the spray nozzle and let 'er rip... and... I got a little bottle full of thin red paint.

Most of the online line tutorials warn against agitating (or even touching) the bottle until after all the propellant has been de-gassed (which happens once the paint reaches room temperature).  Strangely though, mine didn't seem to be the least bit put out by the ordeal. I carefully lifted the bottle like it was full of nitroglycerin... and nothing.  Not even a bubble or a hiss.  A little anti-climactic if you ask me... but I left the top off so it could de-gas while I'm at work today, just in case.

Hopefully I don't come home to newly repainted walls in my work area...  :wacko:
Hoooobooy! I was hoping this project was going to see the light of day.  I'll be watching this one with fascination.  PoS or no, I see the makings of a genius build here.
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