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Ain't no story. It's a post-war Navy P-51 on floats, serving in the Korean war as a rescue craft.

For once, I didn't plan it, but this last picture seems to be the best.

What can I say..... I'm thrilled with it. These things always look so much better in person especially considering my crappy camera coupled with my crappy photography skills. I mean.... this thing looks like something out of "Flipper."  ;D

As much as I whined, this truly was a fun build.  <_<     

Yessuuuuuuuuuh.....   I like this.    :bow: :bow: :drink: :cheers:

Fred's Sky Pirates are the best.  :mellow: :mellow:

This a biggin'......   the "bigazz bomber sized type-a-plane" itch must still need scratchin'.

That said, and I'm not the most knowledgeable cat, but this Mavis kit reminds me of the Do-23 I think it is??  (Do-24) Similar set up for sure. (More engines on the Mavis, I just went and looked it up.)
Hey, bud!!  I'm building a seaplane for the Group Build. It's not the final the paint scheme, but, I took the opportunity to snap a picture of it while it was in the "primary colors seaplane" state so I could do an ericr tribute:

Niiiiice.  :lol:

I'll post this glossy all-blue version there as it fits in so well, I think he'll like it.  ;D

As far as an update, however, I deemed this to be way too shiny and decided to spray it down with satin coat. In my opinion, it made it look better than ever!!!! I will show pics later but right now it is drying...  I don't dare lay a finger on it right now.

Transfers all worked well aside from the fact that they didn't "slide" very well.. I think that's because of the severe-gloss.  :o ;D 

I winded up deleting two of them because once one was on the fuselage..... I noticed it read, "F4U CORSAIR" etc etc. Well.... it's so small no one would really be able to read it, but that boat won't float, so they had to go.

Wonderful! :wub:
There may be a winner there! (not of the war but of the model contest)...
Ericr's topic is at,40517.510.html
Once more, the name Ericr stands in gold letters in the History of Asymmetric aircraft, see my site (at the temporary end of it).
Tell me if the date is wrong or something.
Thanks again! :thumbsup:
Many thanks!!  I'm currently puttin' the decorations on and it's shaping up!!

I almost messed up and skipped this, but, I thought I'd stop and do an ericr tribute with a "primary colors seaplane" pic:

I tried to find that thread but fell short... 

Anyway... another half hour or so and I'll be done with this one.  <_<

Aircraft / Swing wing Flat Iron
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OK... here we go. I let this dry up more time than necessary by trimming transfers. Good stuff!

It looks good to me! I wanted it to be glossy as heck and it CERTAINLY IS.  :o    It could easily be defined as TOO glossy and I'd likely agree but I'm fine with it. I may consider toning it down with my satin clear but I'll make that decision after I put the transfers on and then maybe again after I seal them in. After I do that this thing may reflect bullets and be seen inside from the inside of a bowling ball... we'll see.... 

Some good news is that even after the gloss I still think the color of blue is "correct."  :thumbsup:  I'll take all the good news I can get. . . .  :lol:

Grand total of transfers is 17 and that's not too bad at all. This should be a breeze and these transfers look fantastic.  :mellow:  This is often one of my favorite parts of the build.

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