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Some may be familiar with this gag picture of an OH-6 rigged up with two 19 round rocket pods and a 40mm grenade launcher from a UH-1 Huey Gunship variant

Of course it couldn't hope to take off with that payload

There was also a field modified OH-6 with a door mounted minigun

So it got me thinking -- what about an OH-6 close escort gunship that could operate closely with MH-6 to help work over landing zones in conjunction with overhead support from AH-6 and other assets.   Armed with two flexible miniguns (one on each door) and a 40mm HV Grenade launching turret operated by the copilot.  Could it work, weight wise?

Turns out it might be plausible with some back of the napkin calculations.

If we assume the M134D-H (Dillon's lightweight aerial minigun variant coming in around 43 lbs), Titanium arm mount (Similar to the UH-60 Blackhawk's titanium window mount) weighs in around 24 lbs, and titanium or aluminum in certain other areas (Ammo bins) then keep the ammo load modest (2,000 rounds per minigun, 150 rounds of 40mm HV) all that's really left is the 40mm turret -- the M129 grenade launcher is an improved M75, and very compact. While I could not find weight information on the M129 or the 40mm XM5 turret subsystem, we can make educated guesses.  The Mk47 Stryker grenade launcher weighs in around 40 pounds, so we'll go with that figure.  Adding another 56-60 pounds or so for the turret, sight, and ammo bin subsystem (assuming titanium again where possible), with the ammo bin attached under the length of the helicopter and 150 rounds of linked 40mm HV...

Weapons + Mounts, ammo, crew, and basic 62 gal fuel load (no extended tank) and I'm getting around ~1,904 lbs, which clocks in roughly comparable to the ~1,872 lbs I calculate with an MH-6 carrying 2 crew, 4 fully equipped soldiers, and 62 gal fuel (no extended tank).  Those are known to still be quite nimble (See: )
I'm pretty excited about the idea of a baby gunship!  Reminds me of the Old Bell Sioux Scout (Not me  ;) )

Video of the old Sioux Scout in action:

Aircraft / Re: F7U-3 Cutlass conversion
« Last post by Scotaidh on Today at 09:09:50 am »
Well, I've got a Hornet on order from Rare Plane Detective.  I only hope it has a pilot figure - the ones in my stash are not really suitable.  I guess I could always crack open a few new boxes and see what I've got - problem there is that I like to pose my aircraft as  flying, so they'll need their pilots.

I don't suppose any of you lot have any surplus pilots (1/72) that I could purchase?  Any era will do - I learned long ago how to make flight helmets from putty.  ;)

Not much to report. Wing halves glued together and led placed in fuselage halves, but this is another Revell 1:450 Boeing 747-200 bought because basically I couldn't resist the following ......

Makes me wonder what a 747 in a Hemp livery might look like...?

We shall find out!  ;D

Not posted a pic because at this point it's no different from this one.....,45495.0.html
The RAF Centenary Group Build / Re: Supermarine Shrike Mk.I
« Last post by nighthunter on Today at 08:58:59 am »
Busy as in employment, lol
The LH-10 Ellipse is a perfect spiritual followon to the BD-5, we just need a jet powered version!  ;D

There's even a proposed armed version!

Now imagine one with laser-guided 120mm Mortar Rounds as baby laser guided bombs

There was also a Hellfire II IIR Proposal (The IIR hellfire could be self-designated like the Maverick missile).  Except then the armament would cost more than the airplane!

Add some stingers, and mount it on a ZELL Launcher, and you have a manned SAM with no runway needed

Modeling Blogs / Re: The World of Dr Griiffin
« Last post by scooter on Today at 08:02:41 am »

I wonder what things would look like through those.  ;D :o

Green?   ;D

Yup.  Green.  And black. 
Modeling Blogs / Re: The World of Dr Griiffin
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 07:56:29 am »

I wonder what things would look like through those.  ;D :o

Green?   ;D
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 07:55:37 am »
N Scale model railroad figures are close, they're 1/160 scale in the US. But in the UK they're even closer as they're 1/148.

A good name to look for is Preiser, German figures but very well done.
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 07:48:52 am »

 It even comes with a wee 1/144 POTUS figure!!   :o :wub: :wub: :wub:

But which one?  ;D

I was wondering the same thing!!!!!  ;D ;D     I'm going to try to take a closer look later and see if I recognize anyone... I'm also wanting to look for more figures...  I hope there are at least a couple.  :lol:

EDIT:  By the by, I came across (and bought  :rolleyes: ) a set of 1/144 Airliner Figures. 11 of 'em, they appear all to be maintenance personnel.
Modeling Blogs / Re: The World of Dr Griiffin
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 07:44:36 am »
I wonder what things would look like through those.  ;D :o
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