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Plane Spotting / Re: World aviation museum and gate guard map
« Last post by Rheged on Today at 12:08:51 pm »
There's a desert pink** Landrover inside the security barrier at the SAS lines at Credenhill (Hereford).  You can just see it as you drive past, but any sort of photography is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

**SAS Landrover pink colour is (according to one of my acquaintances who is stationed at Credenhill) identical to the Laura Ashley shade "Dusty Rose Pink" so there's a colour match for modellers.
Modeling Blogs / Re: Steel Penguins braying
« Last post by Steel Penguin on Today at 12:05:08 pm »
ive hit s bit of a problem, the sanding has left thin patches on one of the wing half's,  its not trough, but part of the surround has gone clear and the ends are still fairy thick.
im going to carefully go at the ends but any other suggestions?  :-\
Conversely, I've always wanted to do it with a noseprop.  Same idea, just t'other way round.  IIRC, I even started one but never did finish getting the bits together.
The first two look as if the skull is more interested in the whirling propellers than the wings.

The through job looks like an landing overshoot...
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by McColm on Today at 10:57:54 am »
A part started 1/72 Revell Dassault Breguet Br1150 Atlantic.
1/24 die-cast Citroen DS in need of restoration.
Basic shape complete.  Primer on to identify areas for filling/sanding. Flaps down.

Rear of hull with water rudder and beaching wheel. 

Armour / Re: Panther F / E50 Hybrid 1/72
« Last post by The Chaos on Today at 10:46:20 am »
Thanks and yes a lot of improvisation.  :mellow:
The Idea Bank / Re: British Leyland Cars -Whiff ideas
« Last post by McColm on Today at 10:45:22 am »
Check this out Mac.

Yes, BL should have 'done a Holden' and sold the P76 over here. I saw one at the NEC show a few years ago and it was a most impressive car.

The Force 7 coupe really looks the business!  :thumbsup:
Trax Models do or did a 1/43 die-cast model, I'm not familiar with the brand name.
Looks like a 70's Japanese saloon car. I've seen this in plastic and could be a suitable donor.
Thanks I hadn't thought about the Australian, South African and other overseas plants that came under the British Leyland umbrella.
Aircraft, Armor, Weapons and Ships by Topic / Re: F16 AFTI marking
« Last post by Dizzyfugu on Today at 10:09:18 am »
AFAIK, TwoBobs does or did a sheet in 1:48 with markings for an AFTI F-16:
I also wonder if a turret right above the engine (it was literally placed in the middle of the tank!) would be a good idea at all, and I doubt that there's be any space for it...? But it's whifworld, after all.  ;) When there's one in an Indiana Jones movie, there's got to be something to it.  ;D
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