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Aircraft / Re: MiniSpit-16tb
« Last post by Tophe on Today at 08:54:50 pm »
Here is the genealogy of the project of mine, the 2018 one.
Aircraft / Re: Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.4N
« Last post by Tophe on Today at 08:53:40 pm »
I love this twin fin Harrier idea (and build)... :wub: :thumbsup:
Aircraft / MiniSpit-16tb
« Last post by Tophe on Today at 08:22:49 pm »
This is a project now, but I have bought the kit and building it may start soon.

I built this Spitfire Mk.16e Heller 1/72 in the 1990s, not finishing it alas (like most models I made in that sad time, looking for too much perfection). Now I am a what-ifer and all changes, I start this model again.
The plastic is no more grey but black, no problem. As I will use putty, this will need paint anyway, sky blue overall I think.
When I bought the Spits 16e in the old time, I was disliking only this Merlin bubble model is in normal injected plastic, not short run, because I preferred so much the Griffon Spit silhouettes (Mk 24 or 22 or 14 bubble).
My first project in 2018 was a STB, Rolls-Royce Spitfire Test Bed, with the canopy just after the propeller and the piston exhausts above the wing. Calling it Mk 16tb (test bed).
Then I thought of shorter wings and fuselage, into a MiniSpit, with much truncation and putty fairing.
Now I think of using the 16tb name for twin-boom, and this may be an asymmetric plane with little fuselage on the port side and micro-boom on starboard, from a middle wing to reach the single tailplane. I will illustrate that with drawings soon.
OK the BAC-111 has been primed again..............and looks like a million bucks!!!! YEAH BUDDY.  So it's ready for white rattle can whenever I feel like messing with it. The gear are all still attached, too, so we're starting to be on the winning side of this one.  ;D

But here's the cool thing.. I stumbled upon a model-building Easter Egg! I've built up a bigazz pile of kits so I know this isn't normal.

So anyway... someone scribed, into the bottom side of the cockpit floor, "Hptm 'o1."  How cool is that. They even put a little bird... 

I would have never seen it had I not decided to start wallowing out the hole for the control stick from the under side. It's un necessary and most would just do it from the top down and call it good.

I guess it was whoever put the molds together or maybe the person who did the bulk of the research and measuring and all that. Then again it could be more cryptic. The numbers would seem obvious (as a year) but the letters not so much as typical names abbreviated are two or three letters and here we have four. The letters also seem to have no relevance to the kit maker or subject (Amodel Yak-53) so who knows!

I just thought it was really neat to find an Easter Egg! Not something I at all expected from a model kit....  this is video game or movie type stuff.

That said.... this thing has proven to be challenging. Doing the "clean up" on the fuselage halves was a bit intensive. All the little ins and outs around the interior and things like gear doors and cowligns or whatever had flash and thick slag bullcrap so I had to file it all away. It wound up being pretty tedious.

I've also done other things like trim out parts and clean up some of the engine stuff and horizontal stabs.

Built part of the cockpit.... floor, seat, and stick.

Done with that for now, though. PRobably won't mess with anything else and go play some Minesweeper.  :wacko: :wacko:
Aircraft / Re: Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.4N
« Last post by The Big Gimper on Today at 06:22:51 pm »
Oh, like the tail!  Great idea.

Maybe GR.3N?  4 implies a two seater to me anyhow.

Looking forward to this one.

Thanks. Inspiration came from the T-46 and the A-10.

4 = Non-standard numbering scheme
N = NATO special design

Backstory will tell you why.
Aircraft / Re: Fairchild Aviation Crimea Curtiss Hawk 75A-11
« Last post by comrade harps on Today at 05:42:06 pm »
Lovely job.  The factory owner wouldn't like this one.  Well done.

Was Fairchild an anti-Semite?
.... and I consider a (he he) Spitfire with a radial engine.

Perfect! That would drive the purists nuts!
Aircraft / Re: Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.4N
« Last post by sandiego89 on Today at 05:34:07 pm »
Oh, like the tail!  Great idea.

Maybe GR.3N?  4 implies a two seater to me anyhow.

Looking forward to this one.
Plane Spotting / Re: Seen Over Your House Today
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 05:02:33 pm »
Another Piaggio Avanti landed today. It looked a lot like this one I'd seen a few years ago. At least the paint job looked very similar from the distance I was looking at it as it landed. I couldn't read the registration though ----

"The Whiffies" / Re: Your Chance To Sway The 2019 Whiffies
« Last post by philp on Today at 04:52:06 pm »
A nice in Alt Markings category nominee.

comrade harps' Hitachi Ki-75-II KAI Ricky,45371.0.html
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