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The Soviet Group Build / Re: MiG-25 "Foxbat-G" and Su-15MP "Mantra"
« Last post by Dizzyfugu on Today at 05:06:05 am »
The paint scheme looks sexy!
Who said the Swedes would have to stick to an exact copy of either the Königstiger or the Panther? :unsure:

Afterall, they acquired them to test anti-tank mines & anti-tank guns against, to see how their defences worked against the lastest generation of armoured vehicles.

As a secondary function for the collection of data for developing their own range of AFV's, I'm sure the Swedes were smart enough to pick up on the faults of these vehicles, as well as their strengths & how best to develop such a heavy vehicle using their own industries for their own purposes.

I'm pretty sure they'd, also, be smart enough not to use heavy armour in their northern bogs.
The Soviet Group Build / Re: Glorious trainer MiG-24 Mothball
« Last post by chrisonord on Today at 04:42:02 am »
Very nice, would look good in camo as a COIN bird for an African nation, armed with rocket pods too.
The Soviet Group Build / Re: MiG-25 "Foxbat-G" and Su-15MP "Mantra"
« Last post by chrisonord on Today at 04:39:14 am »
I am liking this, looking forward to seeing it loaded out
Got to the point where I need to add the little aerials and probes to the fuselage, might just leave them off to stop breaking them off later, and the main undercarriage wheels and all the undercarriage doors need to go on as well as the decals and that will be it. Might not get it to Perth for Saturday but as I travel to and from the show I can finish it the Saturday night ready for Sunday  :thumbsup:

The Soviet Group Build / Re: MiG-25 "Foxbat-G" and Su-15MP "Mantra"
« Last post by 63cpe on Today at 04:00:13 am »
Time for an update:

No heavy strikefighter is "real" if it doesn't carry bombs. So, I checked how many stations it could carry on the tanks (just like the F-15E) and came to four (inline) in two rows per side. But that wasn't enough...the parts bin provided me two rather cluncky looking MER's, perfect!

I took all medium sized bombs from an Italeri Il-28 kit and made a mould of it. Now the last set of four bombs is setting and this bring the total to 28 bombs (I guess all FAB-500's). For self-defence four Atoll's will be carried F-15 style, two missiles on the inner wing hardpoint...
IMG_20170428_121749016 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

Only the outer stations have to be "filled" with ornance.....what to put on it?
IMG_20170428_121536412_HDR by Buddy Holly, on Flickr
IMG_20170428_121607185_HDR by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

Not happy with the "odd rods" IFF antennea just in front of the canopy.....

Enjoy your weekends!
The company is 'Maintrack' but I don't know if they are still in production or who bought the moldings.

Hi everyone, I thought this thread had died, I'm glad it didn't! I'll give you a bit of an EXCLUSIVE, late last year I acquired all the ex-Maintrack KC/RC/EC/NKC-135 masters from Rodger Evans at Whirlybird, in exchange for some helicopter masters. I planned to re-issue them this year, but Italeri discontinued the base kit which put a spanner in the works! Some will come out by Telford (most likely KC-135A derived sets as the A base kit is fairly readily available), and some new sets will come to. The masters themselves are fairly fragile (mostly Milliput and plastic card) so copies need to be cast to re-work as sub-masters. The shapes are sound but details are lacking so new parts be added to some sets, and decals to.       

Looks pretty slick to me(literally and figuratively)! I like it. 

Getting close to the "fun" part of putting on all the transfers. 
The Soviet Group Build / Re: Chyeranovskii BICh-26
« Last post by 63cpe on Today at 03:39:36 am »
OK, update time.....

While working of the Tu-32 (sanding grain 1000) and the MiG-25 Foxbat-G (casting resin bombs for load) there was some resin left over, so why not cast copies of the Chyeranovskii?

To get the most resin in the nose and prevent it from tailsitting, the mould was placed at an angle..
IMG_20170428_121822532_HDR by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

The wings are almost ready to scribe and then to be moulded (guess a two piece mould would be best)......Does anybody want seperate ailerons?

Have a great off to the UK....
You never stop learning mate.

I would have left the tails with dihedral.  Accuracy is over-rated.   ;D

There for awhile I was wishing I had! 

Can't wait to get back to whif-only for awhile. I like doing accurate stuff, too, but some of my personality traits have be driving myself nutty over certain detail aspects. It's odd, because I'll  pass over others but once I make up my mind to do something a certain way, that's it, no turning back! 

Thanks everybody.... :) :) 

I'll be back to work on kits todays...  going for the final push on this one. I have to paint some red on the underneath (sort of like the black anti slip strips, but connected with the rest of the red... just a couple of sections that "stick out" down on the belly)and less than 60 seconds of paint touch up in the cockpit then I can, I THINK, try to to the transfers again. 

Also back to work on the Bull bomber that has been whipping my butt.  ;D
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