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The Cold War G.B. 2018 / Re: Cold War GB 2018 Inspiration
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 06:19:57 am »
Isn't casting Morgan Freeman a bit old hat?
Surely the role should go to Alec Baldwin?

What about Keanu Reeves? :unsure:
And, important, an heating system must be provided for the F-104 pilot, else he would be frosen solid.  :o
I remember having read something about this concerning the real FICON tests.
I wonder what the pilot's state of mind is after a mission stuffed under the wing of the BUFF.  How many hours?
To make things more "interesting" for the pilot one could of course design a way for him to transfer from the crew cabin of the BUFF to the 104 in-flight... :wacko:
The Cold War G.B. 2018 / Re: Cold War GB 2018 Inspiration
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 03:37:05 am »
Isn't casting Morgan Freeman a bit old hat?
Surely the role should go to Alec Baldwin?
Figures, Cars, Etc / Re: Ghibli Project - The Vehicles
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 02:58:22 am »
By the way, it occurs to me that perhaps many of you don't quite understand how awesome Lupin III's Fiat 500 is... this will explain (even if the clip is from the Italian dub) -

Note the ashtray... :)

Blocked, on copyright grounds.

Model is fantastic but I can't make out the butts in the ashtray,  My eyes don't work that well anymore.
Thank you very much.  :lol:
Modeling Blogs / Re: Zenrat's Flying Circus
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 01:45:19 am »
Crusader is up on her feet now.  Still no wings though.
Luckilly the hot pink paint I spattered across her mostly cleaned off.

Edsel body is painted.  Not one of my best fades but it will suffice.
Edsel WIP 20-3-18 by Fred Maillardet, on Flickr
Modeling Blogs / Re: Thorvics'Blog
« Last post by Thorvic on Today at 01:40:15 am »
Hmmn I forgot about those and Model Art do the Matra 530Fs too !!!, well at least I can pose a 4000 with a 2000 to show Le'Difference  :mellow:

Finally managed to get the HSS-1 SeaBat, previously it had been an Italeri Italian special which was also re-boxed by Tamiya and thus neither were readily available. Whats special about the kit over the standard UH-34 is that as well as the A frame landing gear option it also includes Depth Charges and pylons for the side of the fuselage. Now these are the standard Mk11 depth charges and would be ideal in the Wessex HAS3 kit to arm 'Humphrey' !!!. So these will end up on a Wessex or something similar at some stage  :thumbsup:. Just need to do something creative with the UH-34 as it offers potential  ;).

Got nowhere with the Phantom last night as should have started masking it, but I did manage to get the masking done on the Puma which was one goal achieved, considering it was still rather chilly last night it was probably a good idea not to be spraying anyway (And like Gondor I was distracted a bit by masterchef although I did miss the start of it  :banghead: - I really don't like the programme schedule with an hour show on the Monday, another at a different time on a Thursday and a half hour one on the Friday as another different time - talk about crappy scheduling !!)

The Decal restock was quite fortuitous as I ordered them over a week about and was about to query Hantan's as to where they had gone, I'll need some of them for the Puma and Vampire T22 was to give me an idea of the 60s FAA trainer schemes to play with. Speaking of decals the recent Italeri decals appear to have stepped up a notch with bright clear gloss decals for the SeaBat and Mirage, just a pity the ones in the A-Model Jetstream are not as good as they appear to be off in colours and clarity  :-\

My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by Thorvic on Yesterday at 11:26:28 pm »
Had three deliveries from Hannant's  yesterday although the decals were ordered the previous week !!!

A-model 1/72 Jetstream T2 RN version
Italeri 1/72 Mirage 2000C (Missiles for the Mirage 4000)
Italeri 1/72 SeaBat (UH-34) - This is their rare boxing with the alternative A frame landing legs and the weapon pylons with the MK11 depth charges (which are destined for a Wessex!!!)

ModelArt 1/72 RN Seaking HAS1(yes another set !!)
ModelArt 1/72 RN SeaKing HU5 SAR (replace the set used n the Merlin)
ModelArt 1/72 RN Vampire T22 set
ModelDecal 1/72 Wessex HAS1/3 set
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