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The Idea Bank / Re: Super Etendard Ideas
« Last post by Jesse220 on Today at 02:31:44 pm »
Would a forward swept wing Super Etendard work?
Sci-fi / Re: Bandai 1/2400 Zanzibar Class
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 02:27:17 pm »
I like that - it reminds me of some of the transport ships from the Traveller RPG, particularly the Subsidized Merchant:

The colour scheme is pleasingly bold too. As others have said; very Chris Foss.
Aircraft / Re: Supermarine Type 327
« Last post by loupgarou on Today at 02:25:57 pm »
It's very 'Hornetish', but I can see why you don't like that nosewheel, it looks very fragile!

The nosewheel and leg looks like the De Havilland engineers got a spare from a Horten 229.  :rolleyes:

Nothing to do with De Havilland, it's a Supermarine aircraft

OOOps... :banghead:of course. It's the Hornet reference that misled me .
Aircraft / Re: MiG-41-PAK-DP (1/72)
« Last post by jalles on Today at 02:22:26 pm »
Thanks guys! :thumbsup:

It's funny, it was one of those projects where I thought "I'll just change one more thing" and soon there wasn't much left of the original. I have another F-19 sitting in my shop that I think might meet the same fate.
The Idea Bank / Re: Super Etendard Ideas
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 01:36:13 pm »
Leptiprince already did the Etendard two-seater:,44436.msg786359.html#msg786359

Of course, you could do it differently: he went for the Mirage 2000's GIB-in-place-of-a-fuel-tank approach, but the alternative is to stretch the airframe and lose the radar, Mirage IIIB/D-style.
Warships and Ships / Re: RN Strombolo
« Last post by tigercat on Today at 01:27:29 pm »
I'm thinking of taking Morser Karl to sea
The Idea Bank / Re: ISR Conversion Help
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 01:16:15 pm »
There is a 1/72 kit of a Cessna O-2 out there.  It can be built either civvie or military.  There are a few light-weight underwing stores - two podded miniguns, and a pair of small rocket pods, if I recall correctly.  Rather limited, but then the carrying weight of a Caravan isn't much by military standards, anyway.

The Airfix O-2 is rare now and goes for collectors' money if it's in a sealed blister pack or a Dogfight Double (with a MiG-21: go figure...). I've had more luck picking up the civilian Arii/Eidai 337 Skymaster (same kit, different boxes) which could be militarized easily enough. Only the O-2s' glass door would be difficult, but then real armed 337s, such at the Rhodesian ones for example, didn't have that anyway.

Hmm! and I've got an Airfix and an Arii kit in the stash
Thanks, I had never seen that artwork for the Joint Strike Fighter contenders. 

It could have been a bad day if the soldier hopped into the nose intake of the F-32, which shared a similar shape to the POD :o

Well, at least he'd only do it once...

I like the way there's an armed soldier in a 'guard' stance next to the SHAR on the deck of the carrier in the 'civilian evacuation' picture? What's he there for? To force the civvies into the pods at gunpoint? (Which admittedly might be necessary...)
Aircraft / Re: A Little Rhinoplasty Pt2
« Last post by Gondor on Today at 12:14:22 pm »
A small amount of progress at the moment, hoping to do more over the rest of the weekend

One set of doors in place

Make that two sets of doors in place  :lol:

I had decided that it would be far easier this way as the doors could help keep everything in place due to the Airfix part coming very close in some places to the doors. Some superglue later when I am happy on how the doors are sitting, just the add strength and rigidity.

Thanks for the pics Harold, that Tornado pic is new to me.  I'd thought I'd seen it written somewhere that there were proposals to air drop the pod, but it was years back and the possibility that I was going a bit strange had occurred to me.  The pic confirms there's a bit of sanity left to lose. :thumbsup:
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