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I have a de-navalized F4U on the agenda, some day. The idea is to use an early F4U fuselage and use P-47 wings, together with the landing gear, and the oil coolers must also go somewhere (maybe wing roots again).
The Idea Bank / Re: New Airwolf design?
« Last post by Dizzyfugu on Today at 06:37:37 am »
I could imagine ESCI's fake Ka-34 "Hokum" to be an apporpriate design? Painted in black and white...?
The Idea Bank / Re: New Airwolf design?
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 06:32:13 am »
Okay well if we are allowed unlikely things, then I would suggest acquiring a military-surplus Hueycobra and fitting it with:

1. Bell 222 retractable undercarriage units on the former stub wing positions.

2. An extended nose with a retractable nosewheel, using the former turret mounting points.

3. Similar fake retractable gun & missile launchers as the original.

4. conformal jet pods on the sides of the fuselage.

As a less complicated alternative: why not start with an A-109? That's one of the sleekest and fastest (relative to engine power) helos around.
Lovely little creatures! :wub:
The Idea Bank / Re: New Airwolf design?
« Last post by wacek85 on Today at 05:47:38 am »
Let's just say that we are limited to 1/48 or 1/32 and 1/35 :)
The Idea Bank / Re: New Airwolf design?
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 05:35:17 am »
Are we assuming that the new Airwolf is to the same spec as the old one, i.e. stupidly fast, stealthy, slient and with a unfeasibly large arsenal of guns and missiles, or can we re-write the spec too?

Also, are we limited to commercially available, reasonably-priced machines, or can we get anything, including military surplus types?
Tips, Tools, and Techniques / Nail art decals
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 05:32:35 am »
I was just looking for Halloween-related stickers or decals on Ebay and found myself presented with a lot of nail-art decals. These seem to be water-slide decals that are applied to fingernails as a temporary design. They are, by definition, small, but as mascots, pinups and symbols on 1/72nd scale aircraft they look like an interesting source.

Watch out for "3D" stickers that have depth and probably arn't suitable.

Do an ebay search on "nail art decals" and have a browse.
The Idea Bank / New Airwolf design?
« Last post by wacek85 on Today at 05:30:54 am »

To make things short...which heli would you choose to make new Airwolf? I'm thinking about Dauphin...but I'm not sure...

Any ideas?
The RAF Centenary Group Build / Re: The RAF Centenary GB Poll
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 04:52:13 am »
Bloody hell that was hard! I'd have struggled to pick 12....

Well done everyone.  :thumbsup:
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