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One more from me:

"Out of retirement".  Bring back into service an item that has been out of service for some time.  Items should be fully retired, ie not in reserve units, target tugs etc., but fully retired.  Hauled from the boneyard, museums, barn, etc.  Bringing military ships, aircraft or vehicles that were passed into civilian hands, but then recalled for "active duty" acceptable.     
The Idea Bank / Whif DIORAMAS You Want To Build
« Last post by Ify on Today at 02:12:55 pm »
Please share your ideas, or part of an idea, you wish to build for a 'what if' diorama.
Hoping this thread will inspire modellers to further their horizons in diorama building.

Post pictures, or a description. Please NO pictures of already made dioramas.

Here is one picture I would like to build and add into a diorama. Or even as a diorama itself.

Figures, Cars, Etc / Re: An Ify Bridge
« Last post by Ify on Today at 02:03:36 pm »
Painted the Buoy Tender, and started making bits and pieces for the deck.

Figures, Cars, Etc / Re: An Ify Bridge
« Last post by Ify on Today at 01:59:51 pm »
Thanks zenrat. You are getting to know me. I would not have kids toys, but perhaps more grown up toys in the yard...

Adult toys?!  Just what sort of museum is this?  :o
I've been to one like that in Amsterdam.
Figures, Cars, Etc / Re: An Ify Bridge
« Last post by Ify on Today at 01:55:20 pm »
...I had one supplier do just that with a design for a hydraulic manifold. The result was a HUGE block of aluminium that had MASSIVE holes in it. They later used it as a centre-piece in the firm's foyer rather than scrap it.  ;D
:thumbsup: What a great way to turn a lemon into lemonade.
Figures, Cars, Etc / Re: An Ify Bridge
« Last post by Ify on Today at 01:53:34 pm »
Ye gods! :o

Someone at Victa screwed up the engine measurements & converted cm's to inches! ;D
;D  ;D ;D
Or a sales gimmick  ;).

From afar, the lawnmower at first does not look too large, but its larger size actually becomes an emphasis gimmick.
Similar gimmicks are used in lettering (typography), not so much for emphasis but to appear the right size when in fact they are made taller, such as the letters O and S. The crest of the top and bottom curvatures are slightly extended above and below the invisible horizontal/horizon.

At first, I did not plan this with the lawn mower. But I soon realized my ad hoc approach to building it was too big. However, I remember the above gimmicks, and decided the oversize could be used in that way, especially since observers of the model will see the lawnmower from afar.
Figures, Cars, Etc / Re: An Ify Bridge
« Last post by Ify on Today at 01:34:34 pm »
Considering it's only made from a few bits of wood that lawn mower is doing a cracking job of mowing the lawn!  :thumbsup:  ;D ;)
Thank you Kit for kind words.
The Idea Bank / Re: BAe Nimrod reworked
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 12:49:32 pm »

In the book "Nimrod's Genesis" by Chris Gibson on page 189, he writes about a proposal to re-enjoying the Nimrod by removing the Spey engines and modifying the wing to take four RB.410 turbofans fitted on underwing pylons.
Ground clearance would be a problem but a solution was to lengthen the undercarriage legs.

They'd have limited options where to put the inner engines as the Nimrod gear retracts outwards, and longer legs would have used up more space in the wings.
Armour / Re: 1/35 T-62 mod
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 12:27:54 pm »
VERY clever, both the rotation of the cupola and the posting of the video.  :thumbsup:

Yup  :thumbsup: I'm old enough to remember that's how you dialed a telephone number  :angel:

It wasn't that long ago, surely, because I remember that well into adulthood ... Was it? :unsure:

We still had those when I left BR in 1978, but then BR always did do everything on the cheap if they could get away with it.
All that organisation stuff is NO fun.  :banghead:

Fun is when you're ploughing through a pile of kits looking for one particular one and you come across a Holy Grail kit that couldn't remember even buying!  :thumbsup:
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