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The 2017 One Week Build / Re: Heinkel He-162A - Post War service
« Last post by Rick Lowe on Today at 09:19:45 pm »
Czech? Polish? Israeli? Other former (or in the timeframe, imminent) Warsaw Pact?

Ooh - what about an African or SEA Client State?

So many possibilities...
The 2017 One Week Build / Re: WAH-66 Crossbow Comanche
« Last post by Rick Lowe on Today at 09:17:27 pm »
Oops!  :banghead:

I found what was wrong with the BERP tip on the rotor, I've glued it on the wrong way round!!! Dummy!

The hazards of doing stuff into the wee smalls... I've had a few horror stories/ :banghead: moments myself...
My Dad during WWII made a Liberty ship from plans which required use of soldered cut-up tin cans for it's fabrication and had a white spirit fueled boiler. It floated quite well. My Bro' has it now so I should go down to his place and see what scale it was. IIRC, my Dad said it was 1/72

Old-School Scratchbuilding at it's finest! And a working model, to boot - c'mon, we've got to see pics of this!  <_<
Plane Spotting / Re: 2017 TICO Warbird Airshow
« Last post by Rick Lowe on Today at 09:03:55 pm »
Thanks for that - love a(n original) Corsair!  :thumbsup:
Upcoming events / Re: Indermodellbau 2017 pictures (pic heavy)
« Last post by Rick Lowe on Today at 09:00:11 pm »
Lots of great models there - impressive stuff!

Thanks for sharing.
Hey, Folks

Bit short notice, but there's this happening next weekend:

Usually lots of fun & lots of quite varied stuff on show.

If anyone is planning on attending, stop by the stand with the 'Eclectic' variety of models & more on show and have a yarn.

(our 2016 display is the middle photo on the bottom row).

Plane Spotting / 2017 TICO Warbird Airshow
« Last post by FAR148 on Today at 08:14:40 pm »
Here’s brief pictorial review of the 2017 “TICO Warbird Airshow” at the Space Coast Regional Airport.

More here...

Steven L
Amazing work!!    I like the horn on there for the PA.   :lol: :lol:
The Science Fiction Group Build / Re: The Science Fiction GB - The Rules
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 06:18:10 pm »
A box stock Bf 109 would be Sci Fi if painted red and placed over the Western Front in 1916.

I'd disagree, sci-fi is science-fiction.  There's nothing science about that.  Something like that is just alternative history.

But time-travel is a staple of sci-fi. What about those Harry Turtledove (?) novels where neo-Nazis go back and drop a few thousand M-16s on the Confederacy?
The 2017 One Week Build / Re: North American Supermarine Sapphire Sabre
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 04:53:11 pm »
Emhar is not a line I have heard of before. 

Very ambitious for a one weeker!   

The FJ-4B is a lovely little kit, got two or three of them in the stash.  The F-86H was the equivalent and I've a plan to put the FJ-4B wings onto one.

The FJ-4B is a horrible little kit with soft detail, poor fit and a joke of a cockpit. I've spent most of today making little progress while trying to figure out how to handle the cockpit. I was on the point of chopping up the Swift cockpit to try and concoct something presentable when I test-fitted the Fury's canopy and realised that it's so thick that no one will be able to see much inside anyway, and since it'll be all British Black inside, I've ended up going with the stock cockpit with a few modifications.

Just to add insult to injury, as I was doing a bit of research on the cockpit tonight, I found out that there's a Pavla replacement cockpit and canopy set, which I can't order now because they'd arrive too late to get the model finished on time... :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Two other problem areas are the intake, which has a ridiculously shallow tube on the back of it with a wierd step in it for good measure, and the jet pipe, which doesn't even have a tube and has no scallop on the bottom of the overhanging fairing, giving a ridiculous semi-circle shape. Both of those have been cut off/drilled out and tubes fabricated now: not easy since the thick fuselage plastic means there isn't as much room as you'd like, so the Dremel's been at work again.

Pics later...
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