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Thanks for the kind words, guys! It means a lot considering some of the amazing work I've seen on this forum.

A bit of an update. First, I had to do a bit of a repair job on the Flapter. Scribing the panel lines went a little wonky given the styrene/putty/styrene transitions.  So I decided to try laying down some 0.01mm plastic paper and PSRing only one side.  Hope it works!

Meanwhile, I picked up a couple of these babies in the discount bin at the LHS for another Sci-Fi GB project I've got plans for, but it seems to work for another Ghibli-related one as well. Glad I bought two "just in case". ;)

Here's what's in the box. I'm only going to use the long tube and marry it to the front of an Academy 1/72 MiG-21 drop tank and the left-over tip of the Academy F4U-4 tank I used to make the Nausicaa glider. Waste not want not!

I need to make it less round and more oblong-shaped. So I cut 2mm strips of tape to set the measurement along the awkward surface...

Then, using the first tape as a guide, I inverted the tape line to show me what needed to be cut.

Cut and glued. I also used a bit of styrene tube to cover the gap.

Meanwhile, some of the left over Spad XVIII parts gave me another (related) idea...

The angles aren't quite right using the existing parts, but some styrene tubes and careful glueing... and voila!

Man, that's tiny! I'm a little worried about the handle bars, seat and propeller...

All four mini projects together. The glider is finished, but you get a bit of a preview of the stand before I finish painting it. I'll post completed pics later.

Aircraft / Re: YF-23 Black Widow
« Last post by DogfighterZen on Today at 03:27:08 pm »
Good deal. You know.. I wonder, ....  just how many people glue them shut but go on ahead and put the weapons in there anyway.   ;D

I  mean... people fully finish bomber interiors that are never seen after closed up so.... ..   :o ;D

I've thought of that myself, cause when i got the Academy F-35, back in 2014, i thought i could build it with closed weapon bays and use the weapons on other builds so, i wondered how many would put weapons in there even with closed bays... :rolleyes:
That's why i bought more kits of this fighter, the F-22/-35, so i could do both open and closed bays builds.

Re the YF-23, working on the exhaust area right now...

Model Kit News / Re: Airfix
« Last post by The Wooksta! on Today at 03:16:18 pm »
Like many others, people here are living in a dream world. 

FACT: Hornby  - and by extension, Airfix - are in a financial hole.  40% of the range has gone OOP and any new tools have to make money - ie pay for themselves and turn a profit fairly quickly.  Many of the big ticket items requested as "desperately needed" by the online modelling community have ended up after the initial furore being heavily discounted - the Shackleton for example was 40 on initial release and now you can get them for 25 or less.  Any new tools have to be able to sell and to a wide audience.  A one off cancelled prototype that never took to the air, such as the P.1154, will sell to a small niche market, whereas a Spitfire will sell a hundred times that and still do so in several years time.  There's a reason why the likes of Anigrand, Mach Poo, Unicrap et al do the niche and the one offs.

"Ah, but TSR2" bleat the blinkered..  One off case, but it's always had that air of charm.  Besides which, the feeding frenzy of 2006 was largely driven by hype and those speculating on the kit's value.  Do not imagine something like an Airfix Pogo would have the same impact.

Of this year's releases, of the new tools, the only one that I have doubts about is the Walrus.  I think it'll cover it's costs and get into the black, whereas the Phantom will barely be able to keep up with demand. 

The key factor for Airfix is their pricing policy and it's also their Achilles heel. Their Spitfire IX is a tenner, with a level of detail that belongs in the 70s.  For a quid more, the modeller can have an Eduard Weekend edition, with all the bells and whistles that entails.  The 262 has jumped a series and will be nearer 15, whereas the Revell one (albeit from 1997 and with moulding issues, especially the canopy) is currently available and at half the cost.
Model Kit News / Re: Airfix
« Last post by Leading Observer on Today at 02:33:37 pm »
Hasn't the new tooling trend at Airfix been of aircraft which they've been able to use that scanner thingy on a real one ---------
What else is out there which can be scanned.

Vickers Varsity? Twin Pioneer? BAC 1-11? Bristol Britannia? Avro York? A decent Buccaneer? Hastings? VC-10? Comet?
Model Kit News / Re: Airfix
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 02:25:00 pm »
Hasn't the new tooling trend at Airfix been of aircraft which they've been able to use that scanner thingy on a real one ---------
What else is out there which can be scanned.
Plane Spotting / Re: Seen Over Your House Today
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 02:18:51 pm »
A C-130 tool off from YYC about an hour or so ago
The Idea Bank / Chinese Migs Copy
« Last post by Jesse220 on Today at 02:12:07 pm »
Ok Imagine if the Chinese had operated a few Mig-29 fighters and a couple of Mig-25 and/or Mig-31 fighter and started to copy them,  what would we get? Probably some new stealth fighters perhaps?
Model Kit News / Re: Airfix
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 02:01:25 pm »


Hell yes, there's only ever been the one Aurora kit of the Cheyenne, hasn't there? There was one of them for sale at the Coventry show and they wanted 85 for it!!!  :o
Model Kit News / Re: Airfix
« Last post by sandiego89 on Today at 01:57:19 pm »
......I can't see how repeating "Fairey Rotodyne" 14 times can possibly fail?

Especially for us WHIFFERS, some "failed" aircraft seem to be quite popular, and some have done quite well in terms of kit sales- like the TSR2 etc.  And please don't get out the pitchforks, by "failed" I mean never made it to production. 

Rather than another spit, mosquito, P-51 etc. I would love to see some modern, affordable, 1/72 kits of the following: 

-Convair Pogo
-Convair SeaDart
-B-58 Hustler- made it to production, but kit wise, we could use a new pop. 
-Princess (1/144)

For many of the above we have had to rely on "ahem" less than ideal kits, too expensive or too tough for the beginner resin kits, or decades old, flawed molds. 

I think some would sell quite well as you can not deny the coolness factor. 
You're dead right Alastair.

I have an excellent book on IDF Phantoms (named Kurnass by the IDF I believe) and that's pretty well what it shows in the numerous pics in the book.
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