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Armour / Re: Waltzing RAM Matilda - 1/35 Tamiya
« Last post by Rheged on Today at 06:47:43 am »

Did I mention I'm insane? :blink:

Insane? No.  Imaginative? Most definitely YES!!
Is Chris Evans still as much of a tw*t as he used to be?

Short Answer "Yes"
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by DogfighterZen on Today at 06:09:02 am »
Not kits, but two sets of CMK CFT's for F-16's. I have just put a pair on my XL, and even with heating them up with boiling water they were a nightmare to get to fit on the fuselage and stay put. And on't I know it as one of them has moved at one end and sticks out like a dogs d***. so that's my F-16 XL ruined. Project FUBAR will be the heading when I finish and post this build  :banghead: :banghead:

That sucks... I've had the same issue when using the Freitghdog Cfts on the Revell F-16. I've to adjust the CFTs with some sanding on the matting surfaces, to get everything properly fitted. I used a bit of Tamiya tape on the fuselage to keep the CFTs from moving too much before the CA glue was dry. Place them on the right spot, secure them with tape, lift one side to apply glue, attach the CFTs and adjust the fit, then tape them down in place so they won't move til the glue is dry.
This method worked for me as i didn't have to readjust anything, they were good on the first go.
Maybe you should try taking the crooked cft of and try to set it back in the correct spot, it's a shame to let such a rarity become a less than satisfactory build so, i think ot should be worth the trouble. Also, those resin CFTs are for kits with engraved panel lines, the Monogram XL has raised panel lines so, it might be a good idea to sand raised detail before trying to glue them on. Hope you fix that issue, XLs looks great with CFTs on.  :thumbsup:
Modeling Blogs / Re: The Rat's Nest
« Last post by The Rat on Today at 06:00:31 am »
Plus it's a lovely looker  :thumbsup:

Certainly good enough for whiffing purposes!
The Flying Boat, Seaplane and Amphibian G.B. / Re: Northrop N3
« Last post by loupgarou on Today at 05:50:02 am »
You do your painting in a microwave oven?   :o I think I recognize the dish.
Armour / Re: Waltzing RAM Matilda - 1/35 Tamiya
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 05:43:55 am »
Having done some research, including watching the "Inside the Cheiftain's Hatch" episode on the Matilda, I've concluded that the Queen of the Desert is not the Queen of the Beach.

Basically, the set-up at the rear of the Matilda doesn't lend itself to fitting wading gear without a serious re-design. The exhaust re-arrangement is do-able, not easy but it can be done, but those big cast panels on the engine deck have vents cast into them for air to come in & go out, & there's next-to-no room anywhere to fit a base for the the air inlet duct to connect to. :banghead:

So, I'm insane, I have an idea & I'm going to run with it ... but I'll be doing it in such a way that the wading gear can be displayed fitted or disassembled, so the base can be seen for what it is & it can be seen how the assembled ducting works.

Did I mention I'm insane? :blink:
The Flying Boat, Seaplane and Amphibian G.B. / Re: Northrop N3
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 05:10:22 am »
Oh-Kay!? How'd I miss that? :unsure:

Gunna have to go for a look-see! :thumbsup:
Modeling Blogs / Re: The Wooksta! - The Plan, a Spitfire Blog
« Last post by The Wooksta! on Today at 04:48:08 am »
"No, but it doesn't say, "Ensure the machine isn't full of washing-up liquid"!"

I've not done much post Telford, usually because I've been too busy at work and thus knackered when I get in.  However, January is a bit quieter - read dead - so that affords me a bit of time to make a start on what I want to do this year.

I've tinkered a bit with a few Heller 16s I got at Telford, if only to ensure I don't have to find a home for the boxes - I've always said that you can never have enough Spitfires, but unfortunately you do run out of space in which to keep them.  The Supermarine 327 is now underway and prompted by one of Narses2's comments, I've dug out an AZ Attacker.

Comments on this thread go here:,34772.0.htm
General Modeling topics / Re: Moderator needed
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 04:42:10 am »
The Flying Boat, Seaplane and Amphibian G.B. / Re: Northrop N3
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 04:39:13 am »
Ahhh! Right! I'd forgotten about that! Pic's soon, I hope? ;)

There is one on my blog.  With it's gun in place!
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