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Modeling Blogs / Re: Gondor's Grumblings
« Last post by Gondor on Yesterday at 11:26:55 am »
Found one in the spares box.  I know there's another somewhere as I'll want that in the future meself.  Also dug out several (at least four) sets of PR19 radiators, there's a pair of 19 wings, the back end from a Fujimi 14, some wheels and other bits.

It's a good job I went looking as I found my missing Attacker canopy!

Not worried about the wheels and undercarriage legs as I have a half dozed Eduard Spits myself so I have the odd one or two spare, nice haul by the way  :thumbsup:

My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Yesterday at 11:14:28 am »
Hell yeah, that's a glorious haul.  :mellow: :mellow: :mellow:

Upcoming events / Re: Glasgow show 2018 - Photos
« Last post by Hobbes on Yesterday at 11:06:43 am »
Nice job on the SIG stand  :thumbsup:

Who brought the 1/72 Blue Streak?
The "WHIF's You Have Found" / Re: Whifs found on deviantART
« Last post by perttime on Yesterday at 11:06:05 am »
Looks like this is actually real but.....

Yak 110
by AirshowDave
This is what happens when you combine two Yak 55's with a jet engine! Huntington Beach Air Show 2018. = )

Home page:
Video from Oshkosh:
Gonna buy some lotto tickets today. I don't recall ever buying any actual tickets. I've bought a few scratch offs over the years (last time over a decade ago) but never done the numbers stuff. The friggin thing is up over a billion and a half dollars so why not.  ;D

;D ;D

Looks a hell of a lot like some of the numbers I got this morning. I went ahead and bought 5 "lines." Who knows!! I'm more of the mindset of "hey, if I get three or 4 that's still some sort of prize I think... "   :unsure: ;D    I felt like such a tool buying them this morning, though. I have no idea what I'm doing I said, "give me five numbers" and he tried to explain to me there is a difference between "numbers" and "lines" and the price is different blah blah blah I said, "just give me 5 things of numbers, 5 lines whatever is .. 5 chances to win, I'm going to be as broke on Wednesday as I am today."

Well, I was sort of planning on having a bunch of free time today but I've already filled up the schedule with lawns. Here it is nearly November and I'm just as busy right now as I was back in June. I've over stuffed my business here.. I need to drop one or two people. That might happen naturally over the winter time, we'll see. 

My advice, for what it's worth ? Wait and see if you lose people naturally over the winter months. It's very easy to ditch customers, but not so easy to get new ones.

That's the name of the game. I'll see who all is still on the roster by mid February and adjust from there. I know one thing, these stragglers that aren't on a set schedule will have to get on one and the people that keep waiting 5-6 weeks to call up and expect a 2 week price will have also get with the program. I used to be able to tolerate that stuff when I was fighting for business but I am no longer at that stage, thankfully.

Which.. leads to my next observation, which is... you'd be surprised about the whole "getting new customers" bit!  :o That is one area, amazingly, I don't worry about. I turn down 10x more work than I actually accept and do. In the middle of the growing season, I pass up 15-20 new lawns A WEEK. 4,5, 6 a day....(90% from Facebook believe it or not but I do still get phone calls, emails, and people stopping me face to face) Of all the problems to have, I enjoy having this one.  ;D    Lord knows, I'd hire some people and take on this work but every time I try to hire someone it turns into a complete disaster and I wind up losing money and business. Between that and my physical disabilities I just can't take on any more work. As it is I work ~50 hours a week and that's being crippled all to hell. STILL, you're right, I'd rather keep people I have than go through the whole "start up" process of taking on new business. But, if the day comes that a tornado wipes out half of Lawton I'll be able to fill the roster back up swiftly. People are lazy these days and don't want to bust arse out in the heat. I capitalize on this.  ;D

Lastly, to top this all off, the whole "see if anyone leaves the roster" is definitely a go now because the trash picking up contract is expanding. The largest business out there is hopping on board so now I'm going to have to spend a decent sized chunk of more time every morning out there. This is great news though, because it's just in time for winter! I was contemplating trying to find one more little something or other to do over the winter to help the finances but now I won't have to; the problem solved itself!  ;D :mellow: :mellow:   

Upcoming events / Re: Glasgow show 2018 - Photos
« Last post by Rheged on Yesterday at 10:42:50 am »
Thank you for an interesting set of photos, Jim.
Modeling Blogs / Re: Chronic's Research and Aeronautics Project (C.R.A.P.)
« Last post by scooter on Yesterday at 09:10:19 am »
Gonna buy some lotto tickets today. I don't recall ever buying any actual tickets. I've bought a few scratch offs over the years (last time over a decade ago) but never done the numbers stuff. The friggin thing is up over a billion and a half dollars so why not.  ;D

Upcoming events / Glasgow show 2018 - Photos
« Last post by JayBee on Yesterday at 08:35:50 am »
Some photos from the Glasgow show on Saturday.
First the SIG Stand.

Then Project Cancelled.

Some WhatIf’s from other stands, and here you will find that some people can get just a little bit “aggressive” about people touching models on display, but then again this is Glasgow!

I did take a few more shots of RW subjects but my mobility issues makes getting around a wee bit difficult. So that is it from me this year.
General Modeling topics / Re: Scale Model Challenge 2018
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Yesterday at 08:31:02 am »
Top quality modelling there Tom, the rust on that DS19 is AMAZING!  :thumbsup:
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