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The "WHIF's You Have Found" / Re: Whiffs found on Facebook
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 02:27:09 am »
By Ray Henderson‎ found on the Facebook Scale Modellers page.

"FROM TOMORROW'S HEADLINES TODAY: Calexinada (formed from California, mexico and Canada in the 2020s) pelosian bomber gears up for a preemptive strike on China in order to achieve preeminence at the next islamocomintern meeting"

I dig it! Paint job is killer, it's a Hustler.... and...... It's for a nation that doesn't already exist.
Aircraft / Re: USN F11F Tiger VF-84
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 02:25:50 am »
That's good to hear.
Needs a rotating rail catapult with a space-faring bi-plane on top.   ;D :mellow: :mellow: :mellow:
Aircraft / Re: Fairchild Aviation Crimea Curtiss Hawk 75A-11
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 02:16:23 am »
Hey nicely done!!  I like that lil feller a lot!
Model Kit News / Re: Revell (Revell of Germany and Monogram)
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 02:09:39 am »
Analyst - with the emphasis on the first four letters.

Or add in a well placed "C" . . ......
The RAF Centenary Group Build / Re: RAF Centenary GB - Discussion thread
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:03:11 am »
Ah, the joys of rigging...!  :rolleyes:

Which is why I'm looking at the recently released Junkers D.1 for my first Wingnut Wings kit  ;D
Aircraft / Re: Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.4N
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:00:27 am »
Ah right. As a pensioner and diabetic (type 2) I don't even have to pay for the prescription, can probably get free home delivery as well  ;D
Space Battleship Arizona anyone?
Current and Finished Projects / Re: Glenn's Current Modeling Projects
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 01:59:01 am »
Coming on nicely mate
Plane Spotting / Re: Seen Over Your House Today
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 01:58:06 am »
I'd seen some shots of that Jon, but my brain never linked the two  :banghead:. Cheers  :thumbsup:
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