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1st.Jerzy Cynk's Polish Aircraft 1893 -1939 has his years.
2nd. Since then, few new documents have been found in the Central Military Archive.
3rd.With all due respect to Jerzy Cynka and his work, it is no secret that where there are no documents, the author promotes his own theories.
4th. It is also not a secret that Ludmil Rayski was godfather Pzl.37, which, most gentle, Cynk does not love.
5th.The SB-2 prototype already flew when the PZL.37 was still on the drawing boards.L-10 Electra about 10 months earlier.
6th.Pzl.37 is a poor relative of DB-7B/Havoc/A-20 in many respects. An ambitious project of a not very rich country without a secured material base.

At the end of the riddle: How many military airfields were there in England on September 1, 1939, from which PZL.37 could start safely with a full load of bombs?