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Phillipines Air Force


Leading Observer:
Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain 1/72 decals for the Phillipines Air Force. Just seenPAF P-51D Shark of Zambales in this months Flypast Mag and I like the Diamond & Bars insignia

Hi-Decal Line has two sheets with Philippine Air Force markings. 72-036 contains F-86D/L Sabre Dogs, 72-064 contains F-86F Sabres.

There's also a Philippine manufacturer doing an actual sheet for the Mustangs you mentioned, but I can't recall the name at the moment. EDIT: Turns out they're called Blue Diamond Decals.

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 :thumbsup: Thanks - and the big H has both ;D

IIRC, the Airfix BN Islander comes with alternative Philippines Navy markings - very small insignia, though, work well for low-viz liveries.

And there's an 1:72 PrintScale sheet for F-8s which includes an option for a late grey/grey Philippines Crusader.


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