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BAe Nimrod C5
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:35:39 pm »
Building a troop transport or cargo version of the BAe Nimrod had been discussed but so far never built.
The 1/72 Airfix HS/BAe Nimrod kit is still reasonably priced and is still available. Aftermarket kits from AlleyCat and metal landing gear, weighted wheels with photo-etched detailing for the interior and exterior.
Decals are available for  RAF Transport Command on the Hannants website along with civil airliner decals.
 I had a rummage and found the cargo door for the Boeing C-135 and seats from a Sud Caravelle.
I'll add another wing fuel tank where the searchlight would be fitted and blank off the MAD boom. A few extra windows might help.