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Curtiss C-55 Condor V
« on: March 24, 2018, 01:05:48 am »
 The Curtiss CW-20 had twin vertical tail fins which was developed into the successful C-46 Commando twin engined aircraft.
 I searched online and found out that there are three 1/72 plastic kits available, I'm not too sure whether they are the same model but repackaged and renamed; Hasegawa/Hobby Kits, S+ M Models, Air William Brothers.
S+M do an ECM conversion set as used by the Japanese Self Defence Force as well as decals for some of the operators that flew the C-46 Commando.
 There were other variants of the C-46, which got me thinking of using the rear triple tail fin of the Heller/Airfix Lockheed Constellation or the twin tail fins from the B-24/Avro Shackleton.
Or just cut off the middle fin from the Constellation.
Then there's the engines, I would change them to either the R3350 from the same model as the rear fins or the turbo Dakota conversion set. Rolls-Royce Darts or Tynes would be another option.
 You could delete the vertical tail fin and go with the twin tail-twin booms using the
 AC-119 or C-119 as the donor kit.