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Convair-Northrop B-85
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:27:09 am »
In order for the Northrop B-49 to enter service with the USAF, they would have to merge with Convair. This didn't happen and the B-36 was chosen instead, but what if the two bombers had merged to become the B-85 jet bomber?
The fuselage of the B-36 with the wing from the B-49. No doubt additional engines on pods fitted under the wing, ranging from six, eight or even ten.
Bomber, reconnaissance , ELINT, AWACS and troop transporter or refueling tanker.
On the commercial side the world's largest passenger airliner at that time.

The plan
Either remove the vertical tail fin of the
B-36 and blank over the tail section or keep the B-36 tail and not fit the rudders on the B-49, this will depend on what version you are building and what scale/medium you have chosen. 1/144  or 1/72, plastic, resin or vacform or a combination of both.
 The vacform kits are becoming harder to find, but Anigrand , Italeri, AMT and Monogram are still available.
 The middle section of the lower half of the B-49 will need to be removed in order to fit over the wing stubs of the Peacemaker. Strengthening spars for the new wing will be needed but the cockpit on the B-49 can be put to one side as this won't be needed unless the cockpit on the B-36 is used for another purpose or both kept if building the trainer variant or airliner.
 The B-85 bomber would be an alternative to the YB-50 in appearance.
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