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Based on the VW doubleback
« on: January 29, 2018, 03:31:39 am »
 Been trying to locate the Extreme Camper Van test which aired on Fifth Gear many years ago.
Whilst on YouTube I came across the promotional video of the doubleback  VW T5 /T6 camper van.
This is based on the VW California van and has an extending sleeping pod which is electronically powered. It basically means that you can now sleep four adults inside rather than the standard two plus one in the roof layout.
This extension would work on most camper vans as it slides into the back of the vehicle like a large box. The passengers can sit on a bench seat behind the driver and  co-driver. All the essentials are stored away in cubby holes and cupboards. Prices range from 50,000 depending on the spec.
 This got me thinking of an idea I had on another topic that I posted. The Whiffs both in the real world and in the modelling side are immense.
 So you could slice the back off the van or estate car, build a rectangle with a pair of extended legs, put a couple of windows in the extended part and glue the tailgate at the rear.
It's a good job that my niece has grown out of dolls, as she would of got me to put a bath in the space instead of the double bed!
On the military side this has potential as well, an anti-aircraft gun instead of a trailer or extend the Ute/flatbed for extra room.
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Re: Based on the VW doubleback
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Here's the url for the home page:

Slideouts are pretty standard in the stick & staple (mass-produced) RV ( usually, but not always, Class A and larger travel trailers) and motor coach conversion world, but usually located on the road and curbside of the vehicle.

Class-A RV w/ Slideouts

Class-C w/ Slideouts

Trailer w/ Slideouts

Military 5t Expando-vans also tend to have slideouts, usually manually expanded:
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Re: Based on the VW doubleback
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Thanks for the info and pictures. :thumbsup: