Author Topic: TSR.2 XV497 / F ‘MacRoberts Reply’ of No.15 Squadron 1984  (Read 596 times)

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Another one that's been done many times, many ways, but this is my addition to the huge fleet of 'whiffed' TSR.2s. It's the 1/144 scale Pit Road kit (ex Great Wall?) using decals from the 2005 anniversary Tornado ZA459

What isn't recorded on the photo's (and the reason you've got no port-side view!) is the screams of anguish as I'd found my thumb had removed the decals on that side of the tail!  :banghead: The same also happened on the starboard side but I managed to carefully tease the decals off my thumb and back onto the fin!

Probably spent more time than is healthy painting a Bear's bottom!

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Re: TSR.2 XV497 / F ‘MacRoberts Reply’ of No.15 Squadron 1984
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Can't beat a whiffed TSR2!  :thumbsup: