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Honduras air force mobile radar station.
« on: November 13, 2017, 07:08:37 am »
When the Honduras army decided it's M48 Patton tanks were getting a bit too past it they were going to send the remaining 10 of them to the scrap yard. In the mean time, the air force was looking for a suitable vehicle to have their new mobile radar system installed upon, and the M48's were procured and 4 of them converted for the housing the mobile radar system, and the other vehicles used as spares. The vehicles were of very low hours, and ex German army, given to them with an order for Leopard 1 tanks placed in the mid 1980's. The air force wanted a mobile system to act as an early warning system that could be moved around and be less of a target for Cartel attacks, be sent to repatriated or captured airfields over the border, and to augment the mobile SAM systems about to come on line.
The kit is a 1/72nd scale Revell M48, bought cheap as the turret had been damaged.
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