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British Bullpup rifle videos (EM-2, SA80 etc..)
« on: July 14, 2017, 12:53:55 am »
Earlier this year, Ian McCullum from Youtube channel Forgotten Weapons got a chance to visit the UK and did a whole slew of videos with ARES at the Royal Armouries and the Defence Academy at Shrivenham. A number of these described the development of the SA80 rifle in great detail, and he's now putting up ones about the 1950s EM-2 and related developments, which is probably one of the biggest What-ifs in British/NATO small arms developments. They are, as ever, very good videos, with loads of tech info and history, weapon disassembly where possible, and even shooting if it can be arranged. There's also none of the gung-ho nonsense that characterizes so many American gun videos.

SA80 development playlist:

Thorpe EM-1 history:

Korsac EM-1 History:

EM-2 history:

EM-2 shooting:

Much older (lower quality) video shooting an EM-2 in 7.62 NATO:
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