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I wonder...
« on: November 26, 2015, 09:02:47 pm »
I wonder if Colin would consider doing a 1/72 F-16E/F conversion set for Revell F-16C kits, or even for the Tamiya kit...
Probably easier to get the Revell set on the go sooner cause he already makes the CFTs for those... I've bought 2 sets of those but i lack all the other specific bits...  :banghead:
It would be a conversion set good for both real world and what-if modelers. The F-16E and F are the most advanced, besides the still to come V version. To my knowledge, there are no 1/72 kits or conversion sets of these versions on the market at this moment, only the Hasegawa and Kinetic I version kits. Even in 1/48, the only options are the Kinetic kits. The Hasegawa limited edition kits were reboxings of the old F-16A/B molds but, they're OOP and extremely hard to find, if not impossible. It could even be a conversion set for E/F/I as the I specific bits are very similar to the F.
The revell F-16C kits include both big and small mouth intakes and corresponding nozzles, so all that would be needed would be the CFTs, E tail fin or just the base, short electronics spine with no drag shoot housing, sensors and other small bits... maybe even include a correct radome for AESA radars on the E/F, just to make it 100% correct... ;D
 There are resin bulged main landing gear doors by Attack Squadron, white metal heavy duty gear legs made by Conversion  so the 3 versions would finally be covered and possible to build... If it was to be the E/F/I conversion set, one could build the F and I version from the Revell F-16B kit, it has the small mouth intake and P&W nozzle, although a big mouth intake and GE nozzle aren't in this kit. Don't know if there are any aftermarket brands making big mouth intakes so one in the set wouldn't hurt, would it? ;D
I don't know if such a conversion set would be too expensive... Could do each version separate...
This is just my acute Falconnitis speaking ;D but i'm sure that, at least, some of us around here would really welcome such conversion sets... What do you guys think?
Oh, BTW, how about the DSI intake?? :wacko:

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