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Re: Endzeit: freshly restored and forced to embattle
« Reply #15 on: April 09, 2014, 03:57:56 pm »
Now, Weaver (and all of you):

If once a rule, a law or a tax is granted by a government or a parliament, it's very, very difficult to wipe it out again.
One of the best examples (I think) you'll find in german history.

In 1902 the Kaiser has invited a tax to all sorts of sparkling wine; from cider/cidre, over (relatively cheap) sparkling wine (german: "Sekt") up to Champagne.
The reason was to get more money for making the imperial german navy bigger (up to roundabout 66% in relation to the world's biggest navy at this time, the Royal Navy) and the german Reichstag granted the will of Wilhelm II.
In 1933, short after Reichsprńsident (President of the Reich) Paul v. Hindenburg has made Adolf Hitler the Reichskanzler (Chancellor o. t. R), "Adolf" ceased this tax.
But in 1939 he reinstalled this tax to build up the U-Boat-fleet...
Actually this tax is still existing... are we producing the Kaiser's dreadnoughts or Adolf's U-boats up to today???


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Re: Endzeit: freshly restored and forced to embattle
« Reply #16 on: April 09, 2014, 04:38:33 pm »
Seems we are surfing the same wave, Weaver.
Btw.: I've seen every Werner-film in cinema and in my own library you can find ALL of the Werner-comics.
Werner is a great hero of a looot of people there... so you see, we like anarchy a bit!  ;)

I've got the Revell Werner bike (the one with wooden forks) and the figure set to go with it: rare finds on UK ebay since I think I'm right in saying they never officially sold them over here.
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