Author Topic: Madoc's Cool Schwag on eBay - Planes, books, DVDs, and Star Wars Mugs!  (Read 1579 times)

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I've a veritable plethora - yes, a plethora - of items up for bid on eBay.

Humbrol paints.

1/48th ESCI Tempest V

1/72 ACE AF Guardian - still very hard to find these days.

1/72 Azur Hanriot H-232 - slick looking late 30's twin

1/72 Planet B&V P.170 - three engined "Luft 46" schnell bomber

Aerofax, Ginter Naval Fighters, Detail & Scale, DVDs and some Star War ceramic mugs! - You know you truly need an R2D2 mug to start your day!

Please, bid early and bid often!

Madoc's Cool Schwag!
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