Author Topic: Beyond 'Spottiswood' ! (aka. the reality behind the cancellation!)  (Read 2108 times)

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further to a number of articles that have appeared recently citing ever greater numbers of TSR.2 aircraft for service with the RAF. a lil snippet of the reality of the time ...

...immediately prior to cancellation, the RAF. noted they would be willing to accept a minimal order of only 30 TSR.2 airframes for a dual tactical/strategic role as long as they could be to delivery could be confirmed to within an agreed timeframe schedule! (within 3-4 years!) as BAC. could not commit to a delivery date for whatever reason (as well as citing that the cost of this reduced order would likely be higher to offset VC.10 losses!) the Air Staff's understandably accepted HM.Goverments decision to cancel the aircraft outright.

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