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Look here for more info on TSR2 units
« on: June 09, 2006, 01:42:35 am »
Having just read all three of Paul Lucas's MAM articles I thought the following might be helpful:

The 11, later 7, TSR2 squadrons were planned to replace Canberra Squadrons:
Light Bomber:  3, 14 16 and 213 in Germany. 6,32,73 and 249 in Cyprus. 45 in Singapore
Photo Recce: 17,31 and 80 in Germany. 13 and 39 in Cyprus. 81 in Singapore
They would also have covered the withdrawal of the Valiant bomber force in the UK (49,90,148,207 and 214). Polaris would replace the Vulcan/Victor squadrons.

Initially, by the 1970s the replacements were:
Phantoms: 6 and 54 in the UK. 14,17 and 31 in Germany.
Buccaneers: 12,208 and 216 in the UK. 15 and 16 joining them in Germany.
In addition 5 Vulcan B2 squadrons were kept on after 1968 in the freefall bomb role.

The final UK TFX aircraft (Tornado) eventually equipped by 1990:
Strike: 9,14,15,16,17,20,27,31 and 617
Recce: 2 and 13

In 1965 the following ex-Canberra squadron plates might have been free to allocate to TSR2 units in addition to 40 Sqn:
7,10,21,61,76,97,109,115 and 119

Unless definitive docs emerge on the plate question this seems to offer a feast of RAF options for modelers (you could also add Vulcan and Victor units!)

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